Vol 3

Back in 2011 i had a weekly show on themashupradio.com called “T Selection” where i was choosing my Top 3 mashups of the week! The show had two seasons and at the end of each season i released all my mashup selections on an album compilation called “T Selection – The Album”! Some days ago i had the idea of collecting some of my favorite mashups of the last years and compile them into a third “T Selection” album and voilà! Hope you will enjoy these 16 amazing mashups!



01. Megamix Central – Thats My Partition (Stream)

02. Mashup-Germany – Fucked Up #Selfie (Stream)

03. Discosid – Changed The Talking Body (Stream)

04. Cosmic Dawn – Beauty and The Danza Kuduro (Stream)

05. Megamix Central – Larger Than G.U.Y.

06. Ryson – NO-STALGIC (Stream)

07. S.I.R. Remix – Diamonds (For The Real Slim Shady) (Stream)

08. Happy Cat Disco – Cheap Side to Side Thrills (Stream)

09. Oneboredjeu Mashup – Flex Your Girl (Stream)

10. MixmstrStel – I Want Style

11. Xouth – Kissing Again Everyday

12. V.Sigma – Impossible Trouble

13. Dan Mei – Fifty Shades Of Love (Stream)

14. Kill_mR_DJ – Chop dem Hearts (Stream)

15. Mashup Bambi – Electric Rain (Stream)

16. Robin Skouteris feat. Consoul Trainin – Gamefall (Stream)

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