Mash of The Titans 11


Mash of The Titans 11 the penultimate album is here! As we get closer to the end of the “Titans” chapter, we celebrate the art of mashups with another collecton. MOTT11 features 26 brand new iconic mashups in a two part music experience!

Part 1:
01. Robin Skouteris Macarena From The Block
02.DJ 103 Get Problem Ping Pong
03. Frenchfrimashups Get Back 4 Minutes
04. Santaniello, Parisi & La Mantiaabcdefu
05. Titus JonesMashup Phone
06. Sweetener Mashups Wild Behavior
07. AquairyThank The Heat Waves
08. Joseph James – Love My Body Megamix
09. Blanter Co – Tales Of A Broken Heart
10. Kill_mR_DJ – Stripped Dreams
11. AndyWu – Gimme More Pink Soldiers
12. Shahar Varshal – Need The silence Tonight
13. V.Sigma – Thriller Love Habits

Part 2:
01. CastleRBig Bang
02. ToToM – I Believe In Lost Ghosts & Echoey Stuff
03. SMASH MASHUPS – Don’t Go With Bad Friendships
04. mkd mashup – Constant Kiss
05. Adamusic – Shelter x All Too Well
06. Inanimash – Take My Pulse
07. Satis5d Feeling Big Energy
08. Mike Morato – Rumba Latina
09. Oled 7 Chills
10. MixmstrStelLuxurious Pie
11. Drewnicorn – Quit You
12. Cassiopeia MashupsMoonlight Coffin
13. CosmicMashups – All Too Electrifying On The Ground

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