Mash of The Titans 7


The annual mashup compilation is here with the seventh edition. “Mash of The Titans 7” is a mix between pop, edm and 80’s, there is something for everyone’s taste, hope all of you will like it and support all of us who worked on the album with downloading it.

Special thanks to Netakos for the amazing album cover!

Download the brand new album by clicking HERE!


CD 01:

  1. Robin Skouteris Vs Orsun – The Music Of Tomorrow (Video)
  2. Joseph James – My My My (I’m Curious)  (Video)
  3. Marc Mashups – I Want You To Sing Me A Lullaby  (Video)
  4. luminescent Mashups – Feel It Side To Side  (Video)
  5. Adamusic – Chained From Dusk Till Dawn  (Video)
  6. Ryson – How Long Is My Love  (Video)
  7. Brian Lucero Mashups – Safe And Sound Mix
  8. Shahar Varshal – What About The Torn Middle
  9. Titus Jones – Time To Be Delicate Like Me
  10. Alexzn Mashups – Roman Lies  (Video)
  11. V.Sigma – Russian Bones
  12. YUV – Never Be The Same Again  (Video)
  13. T10MO – We Love, We Die  (Video)

CD 02:

  1. Andy Wu – Love Is Cure
  2. MixmstrStel – Candy Minimix
  3. Danny Neyman – Something In The Way You Move Megamix
  4. Deelirious Mashups – Havana Lovers
  5. InanimateMashups – Spend It Like No Other
  6. Blanter Co – Now Or Never – The Megamix
  7. DJ Lloyd – DUA LIPA Mega Mashup
  8. Megamix Central – A Chain of The Chainsmokers
  9. Drazile – Teen Party Magic
  10. Djs From Mars – Right In The Loco Symphony
  11. Kill_mR_DJ – Suck My Kiss  (Video)
  12. Happy Cat Disco – Everybody Feel It Rollin’  (Video)
  13. Oskr96fred 4 – Finesse (90’s Megamix)

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