Back in 2011 i had a weekly show on themashupradio.com called “T Selection” where i was choosing my Top 3 mashups of the week! The show had two seasons and at the end of each season i released all my mashup selections on an album compilation called “T Selection – The Album”! Some days ago i had the idea of collecting some of my favorite mashups of the last years and compile them into a third “T Selection” album! The album will be out next Monday June 19 and it will feature 16 already RELEASED mashups from many well known mashup producers!

Here you can download the first 2 albums: https://www.facebook.com/notes/panos-t/t-selection-the-album-vol-1-2-download/385275088190224/

You can see the cover of “T SELECTION – THE ALBUM VOL 3” below


T Selection - The Album Vol 3 COVER


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